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Eat Seasonably

Here’s a great little calendar tool from Eat Seasonably – Spin through the months to see what you should be eating now. I think it’s rather neat. Eat Seasonably celebrates eating the right things at the right time: a crisp salad when it’s hot and sunny, a wholesome stew when it’s cold; strawberries in June, Brussels sprouts in December. Eating seasonably means: Better taste – top chefs agree that fresh seasonal produce is best Better value – our research has shown that a basket of fruit and veg bought in the summer can be as much as a third cheaper than the same...

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Mackerel removed from the MCS’s Fish to Eat list

Mackerel has been removed from the Marine Conservation Society’s Fish to Eat list and is now rated as a fish to eat only occasionally. Herring and sardine are still on the menu but it’s a shame mackerel is no longer considered a sustainable fish – I love the stuff. From the MCS website: “If people want to continue eating mackerel they should ensure they buy it from as sustainable a source as possible. That means fish caught locally using traditional methods –  including handlines, ringnets and drift nets – or from suppliers who are signatories to the principles of the Mackerel Industry...

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Neglecting My Sourdough

What with installing new kitchens and dining rooms, feeding my sourdough starter once a week has kind of gone to pot. In fact I think it had been about 5 weeks since I last fed it. I normally feed it on a Friday night making sure we’re in good shape for bread making at the weekend. But – after 2 or 3 weeks of not feeding it I kind of thought I’d killed it off and forgot about it while I was working on the kitchen. This Friday night I took it out of the fridge – there was a thick...

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