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A Versatile Jam

Normally most of the jams I buy end up unused somewhere at the back of my fridge. I really should be a bit more inventive in using them. So – it was a pleasant surprise to try a jam that stands out as being a great quality jam in its own right but also a fantastic ingredient I could use in my cooking. This jam will get used. I’ve recently been getting into using olive oil with fruit and in desserts. It works in a way I wouldn’t have thought of – the oranges with olive oil recipe from Ferran...

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Snacking On Another Level

I was lucky enough to try these 2 Delhi mix pots by Duke of Delhi today – they really are worth a mention. Both mixes had a base of potato crisp type ingredients, nuts and a wonderful spice mix but that’s not the clever bit – Bombay Mix this certainly is not. In the yellow pot we have the Orange & Nut mix – nicely balanced with a decent zing and fragrant edge to it. But, for me, the star was the Chocolate Chunk Delhi Mix. Chocolate chunks in a spicy potato, dal and nut mix? It works – it really works....

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Neglecting My Sourdough

What with installing new kitchens and dining rooms, feeding my sourdough starter once a week has kind of gone to pot. In fact I think it had been about 5 weeks since I last fed it. I normally feed it on a Friday night making sure we’re in good shape for bread making at the weekend. But – after 2 or 3 weeks of not feeding it I kind of thought I’d killed it off and forgot about it while I was working on the kitchen. This Friday night I took it out of the fridge – there was a thick...

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