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I recently managed to purchase half a pig from a local farmer – the head was used in this recipe for brawn. A pig’s head isn’t really something you’re going to be able to pick up at the butcher’s counter at your local supermarket but – if you do have a decent enough proper butcher’s shop, it’s always worth asking what else they have going. You may find trotters and pig’s heads are available at little or no cost provided you ask for them alongside some other purchases. Once you’ve sourced half a head and 3 or 4 trotters, the...

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Salt Beef

Making your own salt beef is reasonably straight forward – all you need is time, plenty of space in your fridge and, of course, the ingredients. ¬†Starting with the meat – you need a decent sized piece of brisket – 2kg should do it. For the brine you’re looking to spice it up to suit your taste ¬†– I love the sweet aniseed of Star Anise so I go fairly heavy in that direction. I don’t want to overdo it with the cloves though so maybe just 1 or 2 would be enough for a week’s brining. The saltpetre isn’t...

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