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Falk Copper Cookware

I picked up a Rondeau pan from Falk last year – a great piece of kit. Only problem was that it left me feeling I was missing out with the rest of my pans. These things are such a pleasure to use – the feel of the pan, the weight and the way they cook so evenly. If you’re cooking up any form of stock, stew or roast, those sticky bits of fond that are going to enhance your sauces form perfectly and scrape straight from the pan. So – could I justify forking out a considerable chunk of money...

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Winter Pheasant Casserole

This is what January should be about. It’s cold outside and Christmas is over – you need something to cheer you up. Detox? I don’t think so. Following on from my recent post on skinning pheasants, I took a brace out from the freezer and turned them into something really rather tasty. A brace should feed 4 people quite easily – 1 breast and 1 leg per person is more than enough. Here’s what you’ll need 2 Pheasants – 1 male, 1 female 2 tablespoons of lardons 1 large onion – chopped 1 swede – chopped 2 carrots – chopped...

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