A Versatile Jam

Normally most of the jams I buy end up unused somewhere at the back of my fridge. I really should be a bit more inventive in using them. So – it was a pleasant surprise to try a jam that stands out as being a great quality jam in its own right but also a fantastic ingredient I could use in my cooking.

This jam will get used.

I’ve recently been getting into using olive oil with fruit and in desserts. It works in a way I wouldn’t have thought of – the oranges with olive oil recipe from Ferran Adria’s Family Meal cook book was a bit of revelation to me. So – to try a jam that had that same silkiness was most welcome.

The jam I tried, made by Olive Branch, was the forest fruits variety from their range – a wonderful, dark, fruity jam with a touch of honey (although not overly honey flavoured) and a texture finished off by the addition of olive oil. Nice enough on its own but what really got me going was how well it worked as an ingredient.

First I tried it smeared on chicken thighs, roasted in the oven. Quick, simple and super tasty.

Then, as a salad dressing mixed with a bit more olive oil and some wine vinegar.

I made a simple salad of salad leaves, peaches, prosciutto and parmesan and drizzled the jam-based dressing over it.

This was super tasty – not overly sweet but really helped bring the salad together.

I’ll be trying their other jams – they’re certainly an ingredient worth having to hand.

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By John Loydall

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  • Samantha says:

    I like the innovative labelling too~ it goes outside the box! It’s interesting to hear what you’ve been up to in terms of jams… They also usually disappear into oblivion in my fridge 😉

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