Snacking On Another Level

I was lucky enough to try these 2 Delhi mix pots by Duke of Delhi today – they really are worth a mention.
Both mixes had a base of potato crisp type ingredients, nuts and a wonderful spice mix but that’s not the clever bit – Bombay Mix this certainly is not.
In the yellow pot we have the Orange & Nut mix – nicely balanced with a decent zing and fragrant edge to it.
But, for me, the star was the Chocolate Chunk Delhi Mix. Chocolate chunks in a spicy potato, dal and nut mix? It works – it really works.
The chocolate goes so well – texture-wise and flavour-wise. It’s all good.
What I really like about these mixes is that, while spicy, they’re not overly-spicy-blow-your-head-off spicy.. They’re very well balanced.
I’ll certainly be trying their other products.
Good work.