Morsø Forno

I’d been considering a pizza oven for a while – having cooked using these ovens a few times I knew how versatile they can be. These ovens are not just for cooking pizzas.

I considered building one – great but not the most portable solution and it would need to be built to last. Or – I could buy one but I just wasn’t happy with the design of any of the options I’d seen and I wasn’t overly convinced with the build quality.

Then I discovered Morsø Forno.

Visually this thing ticked all the boxes – it looked incredible and for build quality – it’s thick, cast iron construction left me in no doubt that this was worth investing in.

I opted for the Morsø Forno Pizza Oven with Garden Table and other accessories including a Pizza Peel, Tuscan grill, Forno Door, Scraper and Tongs.

First Use

I fired up the Morsø Forno the day it arrived. For a quick, Friday-night feed the first meal I cooked was a tray of mixed fish and shellfish – cooked on the grill with coals burning around and underneath the tray.

First impressions were extremely promising – the fish was cooked perfectly with a crisp, very-slightly-smoked skin but with soft, moist flesh.

I fired up the oven again the following day. I cooked a version of the Lamb with apple cider from the Morsø cookbook that came with the oven. I used a shoulder of lamb – it was first browned off in the griddle lid of the Morsø Sauté Cocotte with some vegetables over hot coals on the grill.

It was then braised in apple cider for an hour or so in the cocotte with a handful of fresh herbs from the garden and some tomatoes.

The result was incredible – perfectly cooked shoulder of lamb (a quicker cook than I’d normally do with shoulder of lamb but it worked perfectly well). The fat had rendered just to that point where it was incorporated into the meat but still added its own wonderful flavour. Absolutely delicious.

Build Quality

I’m a big fan of cast-iron cookware. It gives you the confidence that you’re cooking with something that lasts. Something that won’t fail on you. Something that will get the job done – properly.

The Morsø Forno is exactly this – built from a thick cast-iron – it is heavy, solid, retains heat and looks like it will stand the test of time. The pizza-stone base is also thick and withstands any fire and scraping of coals you might subject it to.

This build-quality extends to the accessories as well – the Morsø cocotte feels like a piece of cookware I’ll be passing on to my children. The grill is also cast-iron, heavy and reassuring.


Industrial yet sleek – the Morsø Forno pizza oven will stand as the centrepiece of your kitchen-garden. The oval body and clean lines feel modern but the cast-iron finish leaves you in no doubt this is an incredibly well-engineered piece of kit designed to take anything you could throw at it.

I love how the Morsø Forno sits next to my herb patch – outdoor cooking with immediate access to fresh ingredients – doesn’t get any better.


I can’t fault the Morsø Forno – it’s everything I was looking for in an oven and has surpassed my expectations.

I’m cooking outdoors more often now – away from computers and devices, it draws the whole family outside which is great for everyone.

I also really appreciate that this is a piece of equipment that takes time to learn. You don’t just turn it on for half an hour to warm some food up. I’m still learning to use it and every time I fire it up the results get better and better as I learn to work the fire more effectively.

It’s hugely versatile – it works as a pizza oven, a smoking oven, a grill, a slow-cooking oven and also serves as an open fire at the end of the evening to keep you warm.

But what about pizza?

I cooked pizza on the Morsø Forno and it was the best pizza I’ve ever cooked myself. First time round I could have used more wood and got the oven hotter but once I’d improved my technique I was getting crisp-edged thin-base pizzas with a hint of smoke. Perfect.

But for me, this oven is so much more than a pizza oven – I can see this becoming regularly used – even through the winter. I might even try Christmas Goose in it…