Preserved Lemons

This is the first time I’ve tried preserved lemons like this – the aim is, in a month or so, to use these things in Moroccan tagine dishes. After doing a little research into how to go about preserving lemons like this it turns out it’s ultra simple – all you need is lemons, salt and 30 days.
Wash your lemons and cut off any of the harder points at the end of the lemon. Now cut a slice into the lemon – 1 from the top and 1 from the bottom to create a sort of Z shape to the lemon. Now rub a generous amount of coarse salt into the flesh. Repeat with enough lemons to fill a clean jar. Squeeze as many lemons into the jar as you can and give them another decent scattering of salt.
Press the lemons down to release some of their juices. Seal the jar and leave overnight.
Next day – repeat squeezing the lemons in the jar to release more juice. Continue to do this for the next few days until you have covered the lemons with juice.
Now leave them in their jar for 30 days or longer.
When you’re ready to use them, wash them down to remove the salt and any excess flesh.
I’ll stick a recipe up when these little fellas are good to go.