September Salad

It’s not been the best summer in terms of sunshine but it has obviously been a great summer for my apple tree – I’m filling buckets with apples and there’s still a whole load more to harvest. So – I have apples. I also have a few other leaves and flowers and bits and bobs I’ve just picked from my parent’s garden. I have pea shoots, marjoram flower, garlic chive flower, nasturtium leaf and flower and also some radish.
The apples and radish are sliced as thinly as I can manage  – the leaves and flowers are then added to the plate. Now I need a dressing.
I’ve got sweet apple, crunchy radish, peppery leaf and garlic flavours going on. I have the last of some excellent olive oil jam made by Olive Branch to use up – its their Forest Fruits jam. That should do nicely. I mix the jam with some more olive oil and a small splash of cider vinegar. This is mixed together to make my dressing.
Admittedly you’re not going to fill yourself up on this but it’s a good starting point for ideas.
And – considering all the apples I have, I think I may need to make something a little more substantial than this salad. All the same – it’s a fresh, tasty salad with some nice texture and the dressing balances it well.