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Sea Bass & Orange Fennel With A Soy, Mirin & Citrus Sauce

Fish with fennel – I can’t get enough of it this week for some reason. You’ve really got to give this a go. The sea bass is meaty enough to stand up to a fairly punchy soy and mirin sauce. The fennel and orange softens in flavour enough not to overpower the rest of the dish. It’s subtle enough to be refreshing but has a nice twang that is most pleasing. The sauce is kind of like a Ponzu sauce but  I made use of the stock created from cooking the fennel instead of dashi. I’ll give the measurements per person...

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Butterflied Leg Of Lamb With Fennel

Fennel and lamb work perfectly together. The fennel has an almost medicinal flavour that cuts through the dark meat of the lamb. Both fennel seed and leaf can be used with lamb – in this recipe for Butterflied Leg Of Lamb With Fennel I used just the seed. I cooked this a few weeks back on the BBQ and it worked really well. Unfortunately summer seems to have come and gone in a matter of days so I’m back to cooking indoors. No problem though – it’s a good excuse to try this recipe on the griddle. What you’ll need: Leg...

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