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Salsa Verde

This is a great sauce to be able to knock out – it goes with so many different types of food – fish, lamb, chicken.. or maybe just bread dipped into it. Make it to your liking – if you like it strong on capers (like I do) add more capers. Here’s what you’ll need: 2 cloves garlic Fresh herbs – choose from Basil, Mint, Parsley, Tarragon – or all of them. The best extra virgin olive oil you can get 1 tablespoon capers 6 anchovy fillets Juice of a lemon Mustard – many recipes call for Dijon but I’m...

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This is a traditional accompaniment to osso buco but can also be used on other meats – it adds a fresh, acidic bite to fish and grilled meats. I used it last night on a beef stew – it really lifted the dish and made a deep, rich beef stew seem altogether more summery. Traditionally gremolata is made with with just the zest of lemon but I’m a sucker for lime so I just had to add little hit of that in there as well. I used a touch more garlic in my version as well – it just gives it...

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