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I recently managed to purchase half a pig from a local farmer – the head was used in this recipe for brawn. A pig’s head isn’t really something you’re going to be able to pick up at the butcher’s counter at your local supermarket but – if you do have a decent enough proper butcher’s shop, it’s always worth asking what else they have going. You may find trotters and pig’s heads are available at little or no cost provided you ask for them alongside some other purchases. Once you’ve sourced half a head and 3 or 4 trotters, the...

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Pork Belly With Leeks & Prunes

This was a relatively quick & easy meal. I put the pork on the day before in the Sousvide Supreme┬áso I only had to worry about the veg when it came to Sunday evening. Leeks with prunes, I decided, would go well with the rich pork belly – the buttery silkiness of the leek and the deep sweetness of the prunes. A squeeze of lime to send it on its way and we’re good to go. I made a chicken stock gravy to go with it and big old pile of mashed potato but you could get away without either...

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48 Hour Sous Vide Ribs

There’s obviously a reasonable amount of planning ahead when cooking your dinner for 48 hours – you need to anticipate what sort of food you’ll fancy eating in 2 days time. Nothing to worry about here though – is there ever a time when you don’t fancy eating a rack of Sous Vide Ribs? I think not. The process was made possible by cooking the ribs at a low temperature in the SousVide Supreme. You could of course cook them covered in a low oven but the benefits of cooking in a temperature controlled water-bath are many – You can...

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