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Pulled Pork Roll

It’s all in the detail with this Pulled Pork Roll. You need a decent bun to start with – a potato roll is the way to go here I think. And then something to offset the rich meat – a pickle or maybe a red slaw would work well. The bigger the joint of pork you buy, the better and if you can buy shoulder on the bone then great but the reality is, if you’re buying from your local supermarket, you’ll probably be using a rolled, boneless shoulder of pork. There is nothing wrong with this and with a bit...

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Potato Rolls

I’ve been searching for the perfect burger bun for a while now. Or rather – I’ve been thinking about the qualities a perfect burger bun should have. More to the point – this bun also needs to stand up to juicier stuff like pulled pork as well as accommodating a decent burger. The bun needs to be soft and light but not fall apart half way through eating. It needs to be fluffy but not condense into a glue-like paste when you put it in your mouth. There needs to be sweetness but not overly so (on this point I know...

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I had been resisting posting a ramen recipe – it seems anywhere you turn in the food blog world at the moment you’ll be faced with a ramen of some sort. But then I thought – sod it – ramen is good.. ramen is very good – I HAD to do ramen. I had to EAT ramen. My ramen is unashamedly taken from the Momofuku  cookbook (if you like ramen, go and buy that book – it does a much better job of explaining ramen than I can) but I’ve tried to simplify things, very slightly, to a point that it...

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