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Confit of Salmon with Puy Lentils & Apple Salad

This is a really nice way to prepare fish – cooked at a (reasonably) consistent and low temperature, the fish will retain its texture and moisture. The fish is cooked in olive oil – the oil will hold its temperature reasonably well for the cooking process. Puy lentils are wonderful with this sort of dish – I’ve still got some pea shoots left and plenty of apples so the nutty lentils will work perfectly. I also add a twist of chilli flakes for a slight heat to the dish. Here’s what you’ll need to make┬áConfit Of Salmon With Puy Lentils...

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Beetroot-Cured Salmon With Chrain And Herb Salad

Every so often you’ll see deals on whole salmon at your local supermarket. If they seem in decent enough condition, they’re well worth the money. You can feed yourself and your family for the best part of a week from 1 salmon. You’ll need to fillet the salmon yourself but it’s a handy thing to be able to do. Ask the person at the fish counter to de-scale the fish though – it’s not really that much fun to do and you’ll be finding fish scales around your kitchen for days after doing it yourself. Beetroot-Cured Salmon is a variation...

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