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12 Hour Brisket

This 12 Hour, Slow-Cooked Beef Brisket is the perfect way to turn a tough cut of meat into something that just melts in the mouth. It requires cooking for a long time – more to the point it will take cooking for a long time – you don’t need to be too delicate with a decent piece of brisket. Any good butcher will sell brisket and the larger the piece you can get, the better – it gives you more room for manoeuvre when cooking. Most recipes, including mine, will use a rub or a marinade or both to help it on its...

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Sous Vide Ox Cheek

I’ll cut straight to the point with this one. If you’ve Googled “Sous Vide Ox Cheek”, the numbers you’re interested in are: 75c for 20 hours. If you’re interested in the rest of this dish – here are the details: Ox Cheeks – cheap, full of flavour and incredible in texture if you cook them right. I’d read a few different cooking times for Sous Vide Ox Cheek with the trend seeming to be for a higher temperature and shorter cooking time. This seems a little odd to me – Ox Cheeks are certainly a prime slow-cook cut so why not...

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