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Tomato Sauce – Back To Basics

If you’ve spent any time cooking you’ll probably have made a tomato sauce at some point – it’s one of the most basic sauces you can make. There are however a couple of considerations that make the difference between an average sauce and something really special. Leave the onions out of it You may well disagree with me on this one. To be fair, there’s many an established Italian cook who would rely on onions as the cornerstone of a good tomato sauce but it’s just not for me. I want my tomato sauce to be all about the tomatoes...

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Ultra-Simple Melon Salad

Simplicity is often the quickest route to success and this salad is as simple as it gets but I guarantee you’ll absolutely love it. By cutting your salad ingredients into large slices and chunks, the salad feels quite substantial while still retaining a freshness and lightness which hits the spot on a warm summer afternoon. The melon and cucumber combination on its own is worth trying but the mozzarella, tomato and whole basil leaves round it off into a decent plate of food. The recipe – if you need it (you can see everything that’s going on from the photograph)...

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